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Safe local travel routes – view the video upload

We are in the process of recording safe routes from local locations from A to B.

The first upload includes GPS data and is a journey from Slyfield Industrial Estate to Ladymead bicycle park, using shared pathways and residential roads.

sequential uploads will also have a split screen with google map position shown.

If you would like to contribute or suggest a route, please let us know.


Find the EASY way without a car….

Having lived in the UK all my life, its easy to forget just how many public rights of way there are across the county. So many alleyways, cut through tracks, and little paths that can easily cut your journey times on foot or push bike, often making local car travel a complete waste of time and money!

Having walked with friends from across europe and the rest of the world, they are so often in awe of our amazing sub world of public footpaths and bridle ways. So if they are so great, why are they not all busy with people, crossing here and there to get about?

The problem, as I see it is that most of us are in the car. when driving you just don’t get a chance to find, or even notice these alternative routes, unless you have studied the local Ordinance Survey map, or have grown up there and explored the locality as a child.

A number of weeks ago I bicycled to a meeting in North Guildford, from my office, taking the route I would in a car. On the return I followed a colleague who lived and knew the area. His route must have cut a fifth of my journey. And it was safer off-road.

I grew up in Merrow, so I thought I knew Guildford quite well. Obviously not.

So here is a suggestion, and a mission for all those who wish to share their best routes around Guildford.

We have a very cool Sony action camera with GPS positioning. It can be made available to local groups, business’s or individuals (with checks and possibly a deposit) to film your best routes, and upload them to our site as a resource for everyone! A VIRTUAL JOURNEY……

If you have your own camera, please just send us the film, or upload yourself with a title, description and or link (YouTube, google+ etc). It can be a journey on foot or on a bicycle, with or without commentary.

Contact me for more details.

Craig Hills

0208 1331 692 / craig@jellytreetv.com