In December 2014 Jellyworks Organisation were voted a grant from Travel Smart to operate a new project designed to encourage The people of Stoke ward, Guildford to discuss, socialise, and make steps towards sustainable travel as a community.

The area of Stoughton and Stoke have a serious traffic congestion problem. With no space for extra road and with new houses on the cards, how can we ensure transport will work? How can we protect our safety on the roads and paths? Is walking, cycling and car share real options that you and your neighbours are prepared to take up?

Motivate Stoke will run throughout 2015. As a fellow Guildfordian I am really looking forward to working with as many individuals, families and local groups to help establish the best alternative travel options for the community, and make a real difference to the experience of getting around in Stoke.

Craig Hills

Craig Hills – Project Leader.

Tel: 01483 569295 / 07956319692

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